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Structured Cabling Installations

The performance of every network depends on its cabling infrastructure. If not installed correctly then it can seriously affect the performance of your active equipment.

Your cabling installation will be in place long after you renew your equipment - it’s vital the infrastructure is installed correctly, tested and certified to the correct standard, so as to support your new equipment in the future.

Structured cabling systems today are used for data, video and voice information from office to office, floor to floor and buildings to buildings and with the new developments  of HDBaseT for visual displays, they must be installed  correctly.

Unlike most cabling companies, we are actively evolved in the design of the whole network system; this includes the switches and routers, as well as the servers and workstations. This is why our engineers appreciate the importance of good installation practices.

We can install copper - Category 5e, 6 and 7 HDBaseT structured cabling as well as Fibre  cabling in multimode and single mode.

We have experience of installations in hospitals including secure mental health establishments, banks, industrial outlets including power stations, for the control and collection of data.

With over 25 years’ experience installing and designing networks. We have worked on projects large and small, from additional single outlets to complete new buildings with 1000+ outlets.

We offer free initial consultation. Installations are installed to all current standards and certified at no additional cost, complete with up to a 25 year warranty.

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